Spring...the Eternal New Beginning

Spring in some areas of the world is more dramatic and transformational than in others. Areas of the world that don't experience dramatic climactic changes don't feel as epic as areas like mine, Alaska, where the transition from winter to spring and summer feels like waking up after a long sleep. Just like the bears who live among us

This time of year is typically representative of new birth, transformation, awakening and downright bliss! We think of things like spring cleaning, cleaning out our closets or cars, sweeping leaves or planting the garden.

How about this year we think about our internal transformations, as we are externally getting our "house" in order? How many of you are stuck on old ways of doing things that no longer serve you? Or patterns you have gotten into that feel stale, old, weighty or ineffective? Or things you have always wanted to do that you've just never manifested or put energy into? Take your dog for a walk without your phone, clearing out old products, clothes, thoughts or habits that take up space in your life and make you feel heavy or unmotivated?

This year I've had a weightiness that is unusual for me in the springtime, and trying to figure out the root cause has been perplexing. Is it not enough physical exercise? not enough mental stimulation? putting off something I've dreaded or not wanted to deal with? diet? sleep?

Figure out something you'd like to address that you've put off, put away or not addressed. The feeling of lightness that will come from not procrastinating will release you from stagnation and open you up to new energy and brightness you may have not realized was missing.

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