Consider the horse...the whole horse

Here I sit in my comfy room at Dunrovin Ranch B & B, waiting for my Annie's frozen pizza to heat up while it rains softly outside. Seems I brought Alaska's weather to Montana, it was near 80 the day I arrived. Nonetheless, there's nothing like fall in the Rockies...a beauty that takes your breath away!

I'm here as a part of the teaching staff of a very special event that SuzAnne Miller, owner of Dunrovin has envisioned for a long time...bringing horse people together to learn new, holistic ways of caring for our beloved equines. In her own experience the self selection concept came alive to her when she saw a bird of prey, which normally only eats "prey" feasting on the bark of a tree which happens to have medicinal properties. She knew we were on to something and wanted to be a part of helping people move past traditional methods of caring for their animals and recognize that they have innate abilities, although not well understood, to eat plants in their environments that will benefit them in some way. Having had other practitioners she's seen great results with gave her vision a framework to begin.

As a result, the flyer you see above brought all 4 of us holistic practitioners together this week. The first weekend schedule included about 15 people rotating sessions with each practitioner for a brief vision of what each modality had to offer. To say it was a success really glosses over the impact this experience will have in the horse world, starting in Montana.

For animal owners, embracing new modalities and ways of health and healing for their beloved dogs, cats, horses, etc. isn't always easy. But we are seeing increased interest in finding ways to be more engaged in our animals health and wellness and in finding alternative or complimentary ways to help them besides just taking them to the vet and having pharmaceutical drugs administered.

Let's not diminish the importance our vets have for our animals...they're our first line of defense when injury or sickness strikes. Utilizing additional, complimentary ways to assist our 4 legged companions should be a part of the mix. Preventative care to maintain and improved health can oftentimes avoid costly procedures and medications and save pet owners money, which everyone likes.

The ripples of this event and what people learned will soon manifest. Attendees have been invited to join Dunrovin's online community, Days at Dunrovin to continue this discussion. Questions will be asked and answered, further exploration will develop as this online community grows and becomes a part of something that I think we are all ready for: not only holistic options and ways to access them affordably, but a way to come together as an online community participate and learn from wherever in the world we live.

You too can join the discussion. The videos of the sessions were recorded, and will soon be available at

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