Welcome to the new website for animaPharmica!

First and foremost I'd like to thank my wonderful friend Jen Dushane (aka Arctic Horse) for her hours of friendship, collaboration, instruction and assistance in helping me get this site up and running. Without her it would still be a line on my To Do list!

Working with animals using the techniques and protocols of Zoopharmacognosy is a fascinating look into the natural abilities animals innately possess to interact with the world around them to heal disease states within their bodies. As a practitioner, trained in seeing extremely subtle cues to this selection process I am constantly amazed and humbled by how profound animals interact with the healing remedies and resources (i.e. Nature) in their environment. But others, who haven't been trained to see these subtle cues, often wonder and even question that this even occurs at all.

Primatologists, pharmacologists, biologists and others in many scientific fields have been studying animal self selection for decades, with everything from caterpillars to birds to elephants and of course primates. It has been well documented to the point where the science even now has a word describing it...zoopharmacognosy! If this is the case in the scientific community, why is it so hard a concept to grasp for laypeople?

Perhaps people think when animals were domesticated or started being bred in captivity that their innate responses to the world were lost or dimmed. Or maybe not having to survive in the wild or being reliant on humans for food and shelter made them dull to the natural environment. However, as you well know if you have ever ridden a horse who has been spooked, or been walking a dog when a loud noise rang out, their innate responses are an integral part of their DNA, regardless of their physical surroundings.

This website and blog will offer insights into how animals have an innate sense of interaction with their environment in more ways than we could imagine. We will continue to discuss and share information on how this occurs, how you can understand the phenomenon and how working with your animals in this way will enrich your understanding and relationship forever. Thank you for being a part of this community, and welcome!

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