Laceration Healing

This is a description of the healing process of a very severe leg wound. In addition to proper veterinary care, this wound required many months of daily care, cleaning, bandaging and appropriate movement for the horse to heal properly, minimize scarring and retain full movement of the leg. This fastidious and loving owner was truly dedicated to giving her horse every tool it needed to heal in the best way possible, and that includes to this day offering him whatever botanical healing remedies he selects.

December 2015
August 2016

We began his session with emotional oils for inhalation, and his selections included Angelica Root, which he returned to repeatedly, along with rose, hops and yarrow. To help him with the pain he must be dealing with from such a horrific wound I then offered remedies that horses often select such as Devils Claw (can be as effective as Bute without side effects), Birch and peppermint essential oils. Once he tasted the Devils Claw he ate a small amount and went to the corner of his pen and yawned. After a few moments, he came back to me and I offered him Peppermint oil, to which he immediately dropped his head for me to apply it to his forehead. He was pushing into me with his head as I rubbed it on. After getting all he wanted applied there, he turned his entire body around and presented me with his left hip, as the owner watched in amazement. The wound was on his right stifle, so he had been carrying all his rear weight on his left side and the pain in his hip must have been immense. I applied the Peppermint to his hip for as long as he wanted it. When he had all he needed, he again walked away to his quiet place. After awhile, he again returned, now very interested to see what else I might have to help him in his healing. I then offered him Comfrey oil and dried Comfrey herb, both of which he was ravenous for. Comfrey is a wonderful and very effective remedy for any wound healing in the body, including bone and soft tissue damage. It is so effective it is commonly called Knitbone. He continued with the remedies he needed at that time and the owner continued to offer him the remedies he had selected during the session.

As River's wound has progressed and healed, the owner has done a remarkable job of continuing to care for not only the wound, but for River's mental and emotional health as well.  He is very clear about what he wants to ingest or to be applied, and what remedies he needs as the healing process progresses. She continues to clean the wound, remove scar and scabby tissue (debridement) and spray the wound with yarrow water (anti bacterial, anti fungal) and apply Manuka honey on the bandage. She has utilized other products for helping reduce scarring as needed.


At times he will be ravenous for Barley Grass powder (loaded with vitamins, minerals and compounds such as magnesium that is supportive to the nervous system), rosehips (collagen suppporting Vits. C, A, K) and comfrey. The wound has healed remarkably well with her tender and fastidious care, and the trust and bond between them has also continued to deepen. The owner was amazed at seeing River make his selections, and respected his right to choose his remedies, and has never waivered in her trust for his innate ability to select what will best heal him.