How should I prepare for a session? Once we have a date and time scheduled, I will send you a form to complete. Many questions may not seem applicable to the issue your animal might be currently experiencing, however it is important to know that I work with the animal in all facets of it's existence-physical, emotional, past and present. It is important to complete the entire form even though some items may not seem applicable.

How long does a session last? That depends on each animal, but it is important to set aside adequate time for each animal to process and not feel rushed. I usually request about 2 hours be allotted. Please allow extra time in your own schedule, as they are very intuned and will sense any constrictions that may be on your mind.


What is offered to my animal? I offer a variety of natural extracts including dried herbs, powders, clays, essential oils, hydrosols, macerated oils, etc. This work is constantly evolving, and even though there is a set protocol for offering remedies, it is continually being updated and revised as new discoveries are being made.


What happens after a session? Each animal is different, however the animal will usually be more quiet or tired than usual, and may seek a quiet place to rest for the remainder of the day. If certain remedies have been strongly selected it is recommended you continue to offer them daily until they are no longer needed.


How many sessions will my animal need? Depending on the condition, many animals have dramatic improvement after only one session. Sometimes a second session may be needed. Owners are encouraged to participate, strengthening the bond with their animal.

Frequently Asked Questions