Physical Disfunction

Herc experienced dramatic healing by making his selections very clear. The owners trusted his selections and continued to allow him what he needed subsequent to the session.

Herc was an interesting case, partially because he made very distinct selections for the remedies his body needed, and also because he selected remedies that were very typical for the issues he was dealing with. His histroy included a rather traumatic and long transit to his new home, leaving his companions, having some parasitic issues which all culminated in ulcerative colitis accompanied by loose stools, occasional blood in stools, and a difficult diet to formulate. Herc selected anti-inflammatories (yarrow, german chamomile) which are typically selected by animals with inflammatory gastric issues, rose, mimosa, Violet Leaf, and Orange Flower Water (generally selected for emotional healing, trust, fear, trauma and seperation), ate huge quantities of german chamomile flowers, rosehips, barley grass powder and yarrow. After the session the owner continued to offer the remedies daily, and over a period of days his stool started to firm up, and his health began improving. He now is on a normal diet, is much happier and healthier and off medications.

Watch while Herc makes clear his selections during a brief recording of our session. It lasted for over 2 hours, with him continuing his selections in the order he wanted. He ate over 1250cc of Barley Grass powder, and continued with rosehips and yarrow for many days. He is a happy and much healthier horse now, and his owners are very happy as well to see the healing progress.