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A Zoopharmacognosy session with your animal will be very different from most encounters you may have had with him/her, and you will hopefully understand some things your animal does in a new way.  Most people learn many new things about their animal, and I repeatedly hear "She's never done that before!"  Phone consultations for what herbs you might want to offer on your own or how to get started doing your own zoopharmacognosy sessions with your animals is an option as well. Time is billed in 15 minute increments.Send us an email for details.

To begin, once we have scheduled your animal's session, I will email you a form to complete before the session. You may find some questions puzzling, however it is important to answer all the questions as they will help me get the bigger picture of  what to offer your animal so he can select the best remedies to heal. 

If there is a stall/bed or quiet area where we can work, that would be ideal. A quiet, relaxed, familiar environment is best, without distraction, noise and minimal activity and distraction. This will give your animal the best chance to process. Taking notes is recommended.

For a successful result it would be ideal to offer plenty of time for your session, at least one hour, preferably 2. I personally block out 2-3 hours for each session, as oftentimes animals have their own way and time of processing, and it’s important to give them as much time for this, especially on an emotional level. If we’re anxious about time, they sense it and don’t work on as deep a level. Plus I want to be available for you afterwards should you have questions, and to discuss follow up.


Usually one session can result in noticeable changes, however for a small additional fee I can leave samples of the various remedies animals have chosen to be offered again on subsequent days to be sure the animal has gotten all it needs from it's selected remedies . Additional remedies may be offered for purchase, or resources provided where you can purchase for the future. I also sell some herbs and can order for you at reduced prices from what you would pay retail.

All sessions must be booked at least 48 hours in advance, however, in emergencies, we may be able to respond sooner.

In emergencies please always contact your veterinarian first. A travel fee will be required for extended travel time over 20 minutes.