"When the chesty, fierce-furred bear becomes sick he travels the mountainsides and the fields, searching for certain grasses, flowers, leaves and herbs, that hold within themselves the power of healing. He eats, he grows stronger. Could you, oh clever one, do this? Do you know anything about where you live, what it offers? Have you ever said, "Sir Bear, teach me. I am a customer of death coming, and would give you a pot of honey and my house on the Western Hills to know what you know. "

Mary Oliver, Upstream

What is Zoopharmacognosy?

​​The term Zoopharmacognosy refers to the innate ability all animals have to choose various botanical plants, clays, minerals, oils and the like that will heal a disfunction or disease state occuring in the body. 

All animals, when given the chance, will show distinct preferences for remedies which correlate to the condition they are dealing with.


​A session with a zoopharmacognocist is quite different from anything else you may have experienced with your animal.


There is some minor preparations to insure your animal gets the most from our time together, including completion of a detailed history of the animal, a quiet place to hold the session, and a block of time with no interruption.

Case Studies 

Read about actual case studies I have done on animals with various physical or behavioral issues and results. The transformations can be very subtle or can be dramatic, depending on the animal.